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The 31st International Dance Contest of JBM will take place on 26th, 27th and 28th October 2018 at Grasse Theater- France.


The “Jeune Ballet Mediterranean” based in Grasse, the perfume town, south of France, since 1988 is at the service of dance through several educational projects.

Dance study

Propose timetables courses in Grasse on Monday to Friday, and offers an educational program tailored around the child and the young dancer.
 - 50% time French school studies - college or university.
 - 50% time devoted to teaching, Classical Dance - Contemporary Dance - Theater - Choreography.


Choreographic activities
Propose to dancers aged 18 and over, from classical and contemporary, to touch up their knowledge of dance.

Framed by our choreographer Bérangère Andreo, young dancers participate to workshops in partnership with companies, choreographers, and Ballet Master, leading them to perform on stage.

Training and Master-class
Training classic dance, contemporary, modern jazz and tap, all levels (Child, intermediate, advanced and higher).

In August, preparing to impose and classical repertoire variations, in order to get ready for the dance contest in Grasse.

Organization of the international classical dance contest
This event takes place as one of the most important classical European competition regarding to its growing reputation, its quality, level of participants and the reputation of members of the international jury.

Around 15 000 € price, this competition brings together young dancers of all nationalities.

The elite of dance meets in Grasse each year for this appointment only opening the season learning and the arts.

Our partners through various educational projects:


Stora Daldansen / Grasse

City of Grasse

General Council of the "Alpes Maritimes"


























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